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I am a writer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles by way of Bangalore, India. I wrote and directed the short film, The Apartment, which won jury recognition at the Indian World Film Festival and the World International Music and Film Festival. I’ve also has published various essays and op-eds, and was accepted into the 2018 Voices of our Nations Arts Foundation (VONA) writing workshop. I am currently working on my forthcoming memoir, “Go Ahead and Break” which explores the intersections of motherhood and motherland.


A selection of Writing:


On Arrival

from Immigrant Report

“My stepmother is my introduction to America and I am her introduction to being a mother. We are both immigrants in that sense, me in my new country, she in her new daughter’s life.

For now, I am waiting. Intezar. It’s one of those Hindi words that doesn’t translate perfectly into English. There’s a whole host of these in different languages, a testament to how much more there is to say, always. Technically, Intezar means ‘waiting’—but it’s a specific kind of waiting. Full of desire, and yearning, but it’s likely for something that can never be, or someone who will never arrive. It is a lover’s promise. I will wait for you. Forever, if I have to.”



The Opposite of Resistance Is…

from Writing the Resistance

“As we talk more about our families I think about how this year had turned private spaces inside out and forced us to internalize public spaces.  And in the mixing of these dislocations, will there be combustion or a more perfect recombination? 

Marsian, the avante guard puppet artist, posts a video of himself doing a handstand in front of a yoga studio in slow motion. The world is upside down.  I wonder about the Women’s March of the coming year. I wonder what it will really be the anniversary of.”


Here, Not Together

from Animal literary Magazine

“Just a few black letters on a white screen, but the scene assembles itself instantly.  We were on a flat clearing with tall rocks behind us that we hoped would buffer us against the wind, but around the bend, the tents came at us, wild, lopsided, empty, tossed about by a disorganized wind, abandoning their owners without shelter. Taking note, we foraged for rocks heavy enough to ground an object but light enough to carry and placed them inside our tent in the corners, along the edges, as the yellow light turned pink then blue then grey then black ink. And we slept safely.”



The Price Is Not Right. Indu Subaiya Speaks out

From The KHIT Blog

“That’s great you say. We’ll keep this thriving and virtuous economy alive, we’re just going to get rid of the individual mandate, some nasty corporate penalties and poorly run exchanges that limit choice and raise premiums for patients and we’ll handle pre-existing conditions with hiving off those patients into separate pools. But that’s a fool’s errand.
 It was precisely because the ACA widened the tent of coverage that new private sector markets were created. It was precisely because of exchanges that Americans woke up to the fact that you need to take responsibility for your health and spend your pre-deductible dollars wisely, and private sector businesses rose to the occasion to build tools to educate consumers on managing health care expenses and decision-making.”