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In 2007, I co-founded Health 2.0, a conference company focused on innovation in health care. We are now a leading conference and media platform company that promotes, showcases and catalyzes new technologies in healthcare through a worldwide series of conferences, code-a-thons, prize challenges, and more. I've had some amazing guests:  Jillian Michaels, Tim O’Reilly, Chelsea Clinton, Aneesh Chopra and hundreds of other health, tech and media luminaries. 

Prior to Co-Founding Health 2.0, she was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Physic Ventures. 

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Health 2.0

Health 2.0 promotes, showcases and catalyzes new technologies in health care. Through a worldwide series of conferences, code-a-thons, and prize challenges, we bring together the best minds, resources and technology for compelling panels, discussions and product demonstrations, and more.

Health 2.0 is also the leading market intelligence on new health technology companies. In addition to our flagship event held in Santa Clara each Fall, we also host HxRefactored, a Spring event for developers and designers in the health care space, WinterTech, a one-day conference in San Francisco which focuses on the health tech investment scene, and multiple international conferences including India, Europe, Japan and China.

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Parsley Health

We’re redefining medical care with a root-cause, whole person approach and a focus on data, technology, and real doctor-patient relationships.

Parsley Health was founded in 2015 by Dr. Robin Berzin MD, a Columbia-trained physician, digital health expert, and leader in functional medicine. Robin believes that medicine should put nutrition, wellness and prevention on the front lines of health care, while simultaneously making care smart and data-driven to meet our needs in today’s world.



Premium branded sports medicine clinics offering avid athletes the highest quality care and best customer service experience powered by modern digital health technologies