I've moderated panels and hosted conferences around the world as Health 2.0’s innovator community has grown to 90+ cities globally. I'm pretty proud to be regarded as an engaging interviewer and thought leader on health technology issues, and I've been a featured speaker/panel moderator at a whole bunch of events.

I love using my voice to connect, inspire, and effect change. 

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As the Co-founder of Health 2.0 and current President of Catalyst @ Health 2.0, I've had the honor of showcasing and contextualizing the work of thousands of health entrepreneurs globally. It’s a thrill to present new technologies before they go mainstream, to speculate about and to advocate for their impact. I enjoy curating conversations with fellow explorers on the intersection of technology, design and activism. How can we co-create new tools and frameworks to empower global citizens to improve health and change the world along the way?

Upcoming Events:


HIMSS & Health 2.0

The HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference will bring the best of both worlds: HIMSS’ knowledge, expertise and thought leadership in healthcare digitisation and Health 2.0’s network of entrepreneurs and investors, showcasing the latest cutting edge and innovative health tech solutions. Indu will be delivering a keynote.


Fall Health 2.0

You won’t find this spectrum of early stage tech, highly-vetted startups, top investors, patient-dedicated programs, policy-focused dialogues, and authentic provider perspectives anywhere else because we know the real tech revolution is fueled by adaptability, user experience, and data-driven decisions—from the clinician to the consumer.

Featured Speaking Engagements:

Slush 2017

Indu Subaiya kicks off the Slush 2017 healthcare segment by welcoming the audience to a decentralized future of health.

The Un-acceptables

A panel Indu designed and moderated at  Health 2.0 2017 on the disparities in health and healthcare that we should not tolerate because we can do better. The Unacceptables will be back as an annual edition at Health 2.0.



In addition:

ACHI National Conference: Plenary Speaker - driving community health with innovation
AHA Leadership Summit: Panelist - Disruptive Innovation at Scale
AMA National Advocacy Conference: Keynote - delivering the President’s Lecture to kick off the event
American Telemedicine Association: Panelist .- This is the world’s largest telehealth innovation & networking event.
AONE 2019: Plenary Speaker - an in-depth look at the current health care landscape and how we can disrupt the status quo to transform care
Apple/Aetna Launch of Attain: Host and Moderator
The Cleveland Clinic: Keynote speaker at Patient Experience Summit - Empathy, Empowerment, and All the Technology in Between
The Clinton Foundation: 2015 Health Matters Summit: Panel Moderator - Connectivity in Health
Cornell Women in Healthcare Leadership Symposium: Keynote - this year’s theme is “Technology and the Future of Healthcare”
2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit: Panel Moderator - Masterclass on Healthcare Entrepreneurship
Health Data Initiative Forum III: Speaker - Best of the Plenary
HiMMS Venture Connect: Welcome Remarks and Keynote - investment and market trends in Health Tech.
IFC Global Private Health Conference: Moderator - Emerging Digital and Connected Solutions
Innovation Symposium at HIMSS18: Keynote speaker -  Health Happens Everywhere
Inova Heart & Vascular Institute: Keynote at the Patient Experience Symposium - How Do We Measure the Impact of Technology on Patients?
Let's Get Healthy California Innovation Conference: Keynote Speaker - Upstream Systems Change Approaches Across Sectors
Mayo Clinic Transform 2018: MainStage Speaker - Moving From Incremental to Transformational Change
Milken Institute Future of Health Summit: Panel Moderator - Driving the Digital Health Revolution
National Value-based Payment & Pay for Performance Summit: Panel Moderator - The Role of Technology in Value Based Care
The Smart Fabrics and Wearables Conference: Keynote Speaker - Trends in Health Care That are Driving the Development of Wearable Technologies
Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development at the American Hospital Association Connections Conference: Keynote speaker - New Technologies
SXSW Interactive 2015: Speaker - Turning a Pilot into A Success
SXSW Interactive 2011: Panel Moderator - Health Data Everywhere: Not a Drop to Link?
UC Davis Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Professions National Conference: Keynote Speaker - Going from Profession to Purpose