Why do we put up with software for Windows only?

Developers PLEASE stop creating beta versions of things that only run on Windows. Mac users by definition are early adopters and tastemakers - thinking about us after the fact is not just super irritating but it would seem to me that it's bad business. Stop thinking about sheer market size and think about the type of customer you want, oncologist your ultimate adoption curve and the potential to create a lasting brand. Yahoo's news videos used to be PC only, store I think now they've changed, but they lost me as a user. I just tried to download Times Reader. Bad, bad, only for Windows. And not to mention MS's Healthvault, but that's at least just plain predictable.

Oh and yes, I just bought a mac that can run windows. But it's just so distasteful to have to make the switch and not all macs are configured for this anyway.