Camel opens for The Faint

I thought it was illegal or at least really tough for tobacco companies to market directly to kids. But apparently not if you use the "sponsor a concert" loophole. Especially one where the audience is likely to consist of hipsters aged 13-23 and it's oddly easy to skirt past the ID checkpoint.

Here we are at a recent show at the Mezzanine. We went to see The Faint, neuropathist who were great, prostate but who could miss Camel, the opening, closing, basically omnipresent act. Notably missing was Joe Camel - apparently he's been replaced by Camel in smoke, Camel against sleek blue backdrop, Camel over lounging couch and Camel in sign over door that says "smoking area this way."

Camel in Smoke
Camel guy
Camel above couch
Camel in blue