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I'm back on Indusubaiya.com. 2013 was a hard year but a transformative year. And now we're in 2014 and the climate is calmer. I hope I write about all the things I love: Writing itself, online film, Health 2.0, the brain, India, Los Angeles, my family, product design, and self-reliance.Nina Simone, seek Sandra Bland And...

Young, gifted and black I’m none of those things but Sandra was Nina was, Nina’s daughter who Nina beat was.

Nina had big lips. The kind you picture puffed up after a fist to the mouth.

A mouth is where words come out of.

The mouth is what holds a cigarette she refuses to put out.

Jeff tells me to relieve tension in this technique called rolfing, they put a finger in your mouth and press on your jaw hard from the inside. You only need to do this once in your life.

In the hot, cracked seconds when the color wheel lands exactly on the right spot on the blend of blood and blue, her mouth the surge can’t contain his dumb instruments

you can step on the pipes that transmit sound through the mouth. anything to stop the sound a mouth makes.

To be young, gifted and black glisten like flattened tar at noon at night in a small room where a mother holds her child against her chest on a revolving black disc with dust on a screen, royal, behind glass Alabama’s gotten me so upset Tennessee made me lose my rest in the dark of wonder in the dark of forget

- Indu Subaiya Los Feliz, July 25, 2015

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